Grade A High Quality Cardamom for exporting

PURE, FRESH, and AROMATIC - We bring only the highest quality, Grade A top level crop of cardamom available. There are many grades - This is the best!

Cardamom is an all natural spice that is used for sweetening dishes, as well as adding flavor to coffee and tea. Cardamom is also used in traditional Indian and Middle Eastern cooking, Scandinavian baking, and more.

Our Green Cardamom (Cardamon)  comes from the fruit of a tropical plant which creates a luscious sweet aroma. These plants can only be found in specific parts of the world, and ours comes from Guatemala. Of the twelve months in the year, cardamom flowers for only about eight, and must be plucked exactly when 3/4 ripe to get the perfect flavor.


After being plucked, the pods are carefully washed and dried. Inside each pod are small tiny seeds, which are known as cardamom seeds.
Cardamom is an important part of the Middle East and Scandinavian diet, however, as the years have passed, it has become a popular spice that is enjoyed worldwide. It can be used in many ways such as a variety of different coffee and tea as well as cookies and cakes!


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